The Explorers are made up of around 30 (depending on football season, soccer season, baseball season, cheerleading, and who happens to be in the drama club at the moment!) fifth grade students at an elementary school in Huber Heights, Ohio. All club members share an interest in exploring science and nature through direct experiences such as experiments, projects, and special activities.

The Explorers are overseen by Mr. Rick Ramsey, a 3rd grade teacher at the school. He established the group for students who have a desire to investigate the world around them. The group’s purpose is to give members a deeper understanding of the wonders of science and nature.

Here on our site, our most recent activities are highlighted just below, while a longer list of recent activities appears at the bottom of this home page. For a full list of stories about our meetings, click on Articles in the drop-down Resources menu at the top of this page. Also in the Resources menu is a choice for links to many science-oriented sites. Photo galleries of our activities can be found in the Galleries menu above.

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In October the Explorers discovered that sometimes an examination of a fundamental science concept can put the emphasis on the FUNdamentals, with an activity that had everyone feeling perfectly bubbly.

Spotting the Invisible


The Explorers spent a session in October 2012 investigating invisible light. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it can’t affect us—and with some cleverness we can force the invisible to reveal itself. Indirectly, at least!

Blowin' In The Wind


The 2012-2013 school year started off with the newest group of Explorers investigating the properties of sound, using supplies as low-tech as they come: drinking straws.

A Celestial Soiree


In late May 2012 the Explorers gathered for an evening of stargazing and viewing through a telescope. Several celestial objects were putting on a show, including the moon and the planets Venus and Saturn.

Who Needs Old Faithful?


The Explorers finished a year of science activities in May with a series of soda pop geysers that put the famous Old Faithful to shame. Not to mention the fact that OUR geysers went off on whatever schedule we wished.

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