The Explorers are made up of around 30 (depending on football season, soccer season, baseball season, cheerleading, and who happens to be in the drama club at the moment!) fifth grade students at an elementary school in Huber Heights, Ohio. All club members share an interest in exploring science and nature through direct experiences such as experiments, projects, and special activities.

The Explorers are overseen by Mr. Rick Ramsey, a 3rd grade teacher at the school. He established the group for students who have a desire to investigate the world around them. The group’s purpose is to give members a deeper understanding of the wonders of science and nature.

Here on our site, our most recent activities are highlighted just below, while a longer list of recent activities appears at the bottom of this home page. For a full list of stories about our meetings, click on Articles in the drop-down Resources menu at the top of this page. Also in the Resources menu is a choice for links to many science-oriented sites. Photo galleries of our activities can be found in the Galleries menu above.

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A Hold in the Countdown


The Explorers planned to launch their rockets at the end of March, but cold and windy conditions, a muddy schoolyard, and the threat of rain forced a postponement. With an alternate activity needed, the group turned to a favorite from the previous year.

The Explorers Space Race


In March 2011, the Explorers endeavored to reach for the stars. Well, for the tops of the trees, at least.

A Remembrance of Things Past


The Explorers spent a couple of sessions in February 2011 making their own “fossils”—but unlike natural ones that take thousands of years, theirs took considerably less time.

Science Fair 2011


In February 2011 the Explorers participated in the school science fair.

Milk Swirls


Contrary to what mom always says, the Explorers discovered that you actually CAN learn something from playing with your food. Well, playing with your milk, at least.

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