The Explorers are made up of around 30 (depending on football season, soccer season, baseball season, cheerleading, and who happens to be in the drama club at the moment!) fifth grade students at an elementary school in Huber Heights, Ohio. All club members share an interest in exploring science and nature through direct experiences such as experiments, projects, and special activities.

The Explorers are overseen by Mr. Rick Ramsey, a 3rd grade teacher at the school. He established the group for students who have a desire to investigate the world around them. The group’s purpose is to give members a deeper understanding of the wonders of science and nature.

Here on our site, our most recent activities are highlighted just below, while a longer list of recent activities appears at the bottom of this home page. For a full list of stories about our meetings, click on Articles in the drop-down Resources menu at the top of this page. Also in the Resources menu is a choice for links to many science-oriented sites. Photo galleries of our activities can be found in the Galleries menu above.

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Great Balls of Fire


Okay, so we didn’t quite make balls of fire—maybe “Great Rings of Smoke” would be more accurate.

During our previous meeting we investigated the nature of sound waves. One of the things we briefly discussed was what these vibrations in the air might look like if we could actually see them. This time out we tried to find a way to do something close to that.

Any project that annoys your parents HAS to be good


The Explorers kicked off the 2010-2011 school year by making super-cheap musical instruments out of straws.

Hocking Hills State Park


In June 2010 a few of the Explorers set out on an excursion to Ohio’s Hocking Hills region. The eventual pouring rain made for a perfect year of lousy weather (cold, wind, snow, and now rain!) for the club’s outings.

Mentos Depth Charges


In May 2010 the Explorers celebrated their annual pop bottle geyser festival.

This activity takes advantage of a phenomenon known as “nucleation,” in which bubbles form explosively in soda when given a suitable surface to latch onto. And when we say explosively, we MEAN explosively, as those club members who had not experienced this before found out for themselves.

Spring Hike 2010


On a chilly and windy morning in May 2010, the Explorers visited Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve.

The group hiked first along the rim of the gorge, then descended to walk along the Little Miami River. After a stop to investigate some “slump block caves,” the group continued to a bridge across the river. Here the trail leaves the state nature preserve and enters John Bryan State Park. This was the turn-around point for this day’s hike.

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