The Power of a Puff of Air


In May the Explorers found that air not only is made of matter, it has enough power to launch a “rocket” to an impressive height.

Hey, Even NASA Started With Suborbital Flights


In April and May the Explorers built and launched their own rockets. While they did not quite reach orbital velocity, every new space program has to start small. Perhaps one day we will look back on this as the beginning of “one small step for an Explorer, one giant leap for studentkind.”

Good Vibrations


The Explorers spent a session in November 2011 investigating sound waves and how they can be changed and manipulated to make music.

The Explorers Space Race


In March 2011, the Explorers endeavored to reach for the stars. Well, for the tops of the trees, at least.

Great Balls of Fire


Okay, so we didn’t quite make balls of fire—maybe “Great Rings of Smoke” would be more accurate.

During our previous meeting we investigated the nature of sound waves. One of the things we briefly discussed was what these vibrations in the air might look like if we could actually see them. This time out we tried to find a way to do something close to that.

Current weather

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