Erosion is the carrying away of weathered materials, through water, wind, and ice.

It's raining? Must be time for a hike!


The Explorers took their annual spring outing in April 2011, this time journeying to Brukner Nature Center near Troy, Ohio. Unfortunately, the effort to keep the plans a secret from Mother Nature must have failed, so naturally it rained.

Hocking Hills State Park


In June 2010 a few of the Explorers set out on an excursion to Ohio’s Hocking Hills region. The eventual pouring rain made for a perfect year of lousy weather (cold, wind, snow, and now rain!) for the club’s outings.

Spring Hike 2010


On a chilly and windy morning in May 2010, the Explorers visited Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve.

The group hiked first along the rim of the gorge, then descended to walk along the Little Miami River. After a stop to investigate some “slump block caves,” the group continued to a bridge across the river. Here the trail leaves the state nature preserve and enters John Bryan State Park. This was the turn-around point for this day’s hike.

Fall Hike at Englewood MetroPark

On October 17, 2009, the Explorers met for a beautiful—but chilly—hike amidst the autumn colors at the Englewood MetroPark.

The group started with a quick review of the leaf identification skills they worked on at their previous meeting, practicing on one of the stately sugar maples near the parking area. They then talked about the reasons behind the spectacular color changes seen at this time of year. The students recalled the role of the chemical chlorophyll in producing food and energy for the tree. This chemical is so prevalent in leaves during the spring and summer months that its green color masks all other colors that might be present in the leaves.

A Spring Hike at Clifton Gorge


On Saturday, May 23, 2009, the Explorers met for a sunny morning hike through scenic Clifton Gorge near Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Clifton Gorge is a state nature preserve that encloses one of the most impressive geological sites in western Ohio. The gorge is the result of water flowing from melting glaciers to the north of the site at the end of the last Ice Age. This water began cutting a channel through the top layers of rock, and it is the nature of this type of rock that gave Clifton Gorge its current appearance.

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