pop bottle

Wet Volcanoes


Our group wrapped up another year of science investigation with the now-traditional Explorers finale: launching streams of soda pop high into the air.

The Power of a Puff of Air


In May the Explorers found that air not only is made of matter, it has enough power to launch a “rocket” to an impressive height.

Who Needs Old Faithful?


The Explorers finished a year of science activities in May with a series of soda pop geysers that put the famous Old Faithful to shame. Not to mention the fact that OUR geysers went off on whatever schedule we wished.

Hey, Even NASA Started With Suborbital Flights


In April and May the Explorers built and launched their own rockets. While they did not quite reach orbital velocity, every new space program has to start small. Perhaps one day we will look back on this as the beginning of “one small step for an Explorer, one giant leap for studentkind.”

Liquid Fireworks


The Explorers finished off a year of experiments with the now-annual (by popular demand, with the emphasis on the word “demand”) pop bottle geysers activity.

This impressive, rather messy display is the result of a simple physical reaction that happens when two substances meet. In this case, the culprits are the small round candies known as Mentos and carbonated liquid—otherwise known as soda pop. The secret is a process called “nucleation.”

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