Refraction means the bending of waves. It is frequently mistaken for reflection, which is the bouncing of waves off of a surface. Refraction happens because waves (such as light waves) travel at different speeds through different materials--as the wave passes from one material, or medium, to another, it bends as it either speeds up or slows down.

Slurping Rainbows


Students who deal with Mr. Ramsey learn sooner or later that one phrase he will not tolerate in his classroom is “That sucks.” Something about it just sets his teeth on edge. There is one exception, though. As the Explorers learned during a session in February, there is a type of material that truly DOES suck, and in a seriously impressive way.

Spin Cycle


In March the Explorers investigated the relationship between light and color—and found that you can not only split white light into all of the colors of the rainbow, you can also turn the rainbow back into white. Well, sort of, anyway.

Rising From the Ashes


A new year, a new location, a brand-new school, and a new set of students—but the Explorers are again investigating the wonders of science and nature.

An Absorbing Activity


In February 2010, the Explorers did some slippery investigations of physical changes.

Secret Rainbows

In February 2009 the Explorers spent a session investigating the nature of light. They learned that white light is actually anything but white, and that nearly every beam of light has a secret rainbow hiding inside it.

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