Feelin' the Change


In January 2013 the Explorers investigated the differences between “physical changes” and “chemical changes,” culminating with the club members digging their hands into the details of a particular chemical change—literally.



In October the Explorers discovered that sometimes an examination of a fundamental science concept can put the emphasis on the FUNdamentals, with an activity that had everyone feeling perfectly bubbly.

Attack of the Blob


The Explorers spent some time at the end of January examining the difference between physical and chemical changes, with some markedly gooey results.

Who are you calling dense?


The Explorers spent a session in early December 2011 proving that water and oil indeed do not mix, but that air bubbles can be convinced to travel back and forth between the two.

Milk Swirls


Contrary to what mom always says, the Explorers discovered that you actually CAN learn something from playing with your food. Well, playing with your milk, at least.

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